Benjamin Verdonck, Aren

In his play, Aren, Benjamin verdonck talks about how he likes to collect stuff, and the ideas behind these things. In the middle of the stage stands a table full of this stuff. The play gives an insight into his head and all the ideas he talks about match up with the things on the table.

To me this sounded very familiar, having all these things that spark ideas, but they never get executed because you have something better to do, you don’t have the tools, you don’t know how to start, etc. I started writing down all these ideas that came up when I looked around my room and walked around the house. I made a picture of a few of these things, but rest assured that my house is full of these things, as well as my old bedroom at my parents house, wich doubles as a storage room for even more of this stuff.

This quick photoshoot was done as an exercise to present these objects (and ideas) out of their daily context (my room), like Benjamin Verdonck collected his objects on a table on his stage and talked about them during his play, Aren. Pulling these objects from their context also really helped making new connections and freshen up these ideas once more in my head. However, like Benjamin Verdonck, I think, wants to imply with this play, is that these ideas do not always have to be executed but can be fine in their current “idea”-state. For this he quotes “the painter” from Pasolini’s 1971 The Decameron, the painter is played by Pier Paolo Pasolini himself. Pasolini is also known for his last work 120 days of sodom, from 1975, before he got brutally murdered in that same year.

Why realize a work of art when it is so beautiful just to dream about it?

Il Decameron, Pasolini

4 thoughts on “Benjamin Verdonck, Aren”

  1. wat zou Shepard Fairy met die stapel Sabato’s doen?
    > + ben benieuwd hoe net dit tijdschrift, bijlage bij de Financieel-economisch tijd, zich in jouw leven heeft kunnen opstapelen.

    1. Mijn vader heeft een abonnement op de tijd, die legt nog elke week een sabato klaar om mij mee te geven 🙂

  2. Laat, maar straf inzicht!
    Komt “As much change as possible” van jouw? In combinatie met dat gekozen beeld verscheen er een glimlach. 😉
    De patio of lege muur zijn te gebruiken decors.
    Je grijpt hier de gedeeltelijke quarantaine goed aan als een ‘beperking’ waardoor je nieuwe oplossingen test/vind voor het ‘probleem’ dat ik aanreik; maak een online performance(werk)/presentatie. Denk na en omschrijf/schets hoe je dit morgen online gaat presenteren/performen, zie laatste announcement/mail. Maak gebruik van de plaatsen en objecten die je hier aanhaalt en camera(s). Breng de sfeer en gedachten gangen die je hier omschrijft tot leven, in kleding, ruimte, vorm, licht, kleur, …, of hou dit juist subtiel/minimaal en/of abstract.
    Amuseer je en vul je Kanban in, ik ben benieuwd!

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