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I’m currently designing a foldable poster, to be distributed in our hometown. Hoping to connect youth from and around Mechelen and to digitally gather at the DJ livestreams at the safehouse IG and/or FB. The poster will be a collaboration between Safehouse015 x Broke_magazine.

This is the first research on the goal, content and design of the poster.

Since Safehouse started we played with a very recognizable graphic style on stickers and posters to get our name out. Distributing these folded posters, hoping people will hang them in their windows and connect online, is another step further in that direction. We need to give people a reason to hang this in their window.

what is the message? Stay inside, but connect online. By safehouse015 designed by broke_magazine (how will this poster tie in with our own campaign, how will we share the poster on our IG?) Timetable DJ sets. “coloring-page artwork” on the back?

Snippet and quote from obeygiant.com. “Art and all forms of creativity provide valuable therapy anytime, but especially during times of stress and social isolation.” -Shepard Fairey.
Collage from all inspiration found in the print archives of Obey Giant.

To be continued soon.

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