Update on the screenprinted material.

We’re screenprinting a big amount of cards we want to distribute to attract people to our instagram page. We see this as an alternative businesscard. We came up with 4 questions that we hope will make people think about money. We will be posting corresponding stories on our instagram page with polls, so people can answer these questions. These stories will be saved under highlights so they’ll stay available, as this printed promotion won’t dissapear overnight (unlike a regular instagram story). We want to reshare wat we think are the best (or funny) anwers and try to get a view of how our readers think about money.

As we both lost our jobs (and we are BROKE) we are in need of some cash and are currently selling BROKE growbags on our broke015 instagram page (shop) and promoting using our broke_magazine and personal accounts. Each bag has our screenprinted label and is handmade by us. This is another way to gain both online and irl presence, we want to get our logo out there as much as possible and make it into a very recognizable but mysterious image.

The way Shepard Fairy has built his brand is very inspiring to us. We want to shove our imagery down people’s throat and get it out there as much as possible so people will start to wonder and question it, but it should be a wink, greeting or reminder to people who know it. Our logo should be omnipresent both online and irl.

Phenomenology, or the process of letting thing manifest themselves.

Our new inks for textile have only just arrived, but we did some tests with other inks on fabric. We are thinking about jumping on the mouthmask-wagon, as it is a very “in your face” way to promote our brand, and it creates an oportunity to make shocking and daring designs, as people use this to cover their mouth.

Test with the “porn” visual, how far do people dare to go in the design they wear to cover their face?

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